Hey everyone! Today, I want to talk about one of the most incredible people in the world of Dragon Ball. One whose name you all have heard, but we haven’t seen him yet. The person that I’m talking about is Zalama. Zalama was revealed to be the creator of the Super Dragon Balls. He is a Dragon God, and a mystery so far.

But, I have a feeling that he’ll be relevant to the plot of Dragon Ball Super in the future because what he created are just too important in the series. It is said that Zalama formed the Super Dragon Balls in the forty-first year of the Divine Calendar. The Super Dragon Balls that he created are incredible really. They are of the size of planets, about 37,196 kilometers in size, which is stupendous.

For some reason, out of the 18 Universes, Zalama decided that the Super Dragon Balls should be distributed among on Universe 6 and Universe 7. It is unknown why he chose these two specific Universes, but the others are not a option. Something that a lot of Dragon Ball fans have questioned is how strong this Zalama person is. I don’t know an accurate answer to this question, but the least I can do is speculate.

Whatever I say is my own opinion, and it is not fact in any way. I believe Zalama could possibly be a high tier fighter. Someone who would be comparable to the Grand Priest, or Zen’ou. I know that a lot of you will say that it is stupid. But, think about it. He created the Super Dragon Balls. These Dragon Balls allow you to make wish without any restrictions. Anything that you ask will be granted by Super Shenron.

Back in Dragon Ball Z, Shenron once specific stated that he could not kill the Saiyans because their powers were greater than that of their creators. So that’s a big limitation. Zalama’s Super Dragon Balls have no such limitations. I don’t know if what I think will turn out to be true or not, but if the Dragon can grant any wish, and is limitless, wouldn’t the creator be limitless as well? In terms of power, you can theoretically bring back an entire multiverse after it was erased using these balls.

hat would not be possible using the Dragon Balls. However, with the Super Dragon Balls, it is. I think this is a clear indication that Zalama himself was/is an incredibly powerful person. I hope he is a part of the Dragon Ball series in the future. I would love to see someone like him appear, and I’m very interested in knowing his power. I’m sure a lot of you are too. But that’s it from me. I’ll see you guys soon.


The Real Reason Why Other Gods Are Sitting With U7 Now

Hey guys! In this post, I’ll be discussing something that has confused a lot of people. Episode 122 of Dragon Ball Super is going to air on Sunday, and I think everyone is excited for it. This is mainly because we have a great encounter of Vegeta vs Jiren at our hands, and also because we have had a two week break. We also got preview images for Episode 122 twice now.

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