Shojo Manga is mainly aimed at pre-teen to teenage girls. It tends to have female leads, romantic subplots and resolutions involving personal growth. In shoujo manga, or manga made for women, “love” is the gravitational center around which the characters and plot points fold and usually feature a Relationship Ceiling.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a woman who read Shojo manga but many of the people assume that our leading lady’s flaws are the gaps only a man can fill and the shiny romance, ecstatic lovemaking scene, and happily ever after stuff tends to snuggle within the shojo manga pages than in real-life but the common assumption about shojo reading women is they are having a tough time finding love in real life.

To find that out, a Japanese matchmaking service Partner Agent put up a survey to test whether the presumption involving Shōjo manga lovers won’t find an actual male partner in real life is true or not, for which 2,060 women participated between the ages of 25 and 39.

In the survey, the first question was asked: Do you read Shoujo manga?

  • 36.4% said: Yes.
  • 38.2% said: They read it before, but now they don’t.
  • 25% said: No.

The second question was: Have they ever had a boyfriend?

  • 76.3% of the current shojo manga readers had.
  • 74.7% of the former shojo manga readers had.
  • 61.7% of the non-shojo manga readers had.

The third question was: Do you think that shojo manga romance and real-life romance both are different?

For which shojo manga readers are not sure and don’t think that both were similar.

  • 76.3% of the current shojo manga readers.
  • 52.8% of the former shojo manga readers.

    The fourth question was: What they’d think about real-life romance?

    • 76.3% of the shojo manga readers and 52.8% of the former shojo manga readers said: I want to fall in love, and I like romance.

    The fifth question was: What is their level of understanding about men?

    On which they said, “I think I have higher-than-average standards regarding men”.

    • 55.8% of the current shojo manga readers.
    • 44.7% of the former shojo manga readers.
    • 29.8% of the non-shojo manga readers.

    When asked is “rich” a trait they’d use to describe your ideal guy.

    • 18.4% of the shojo manga readers and 27.3% of the non-shojo manga readers said: They would.
    • With this survey’s results, it was concluded that the women who grow up reading shojo manga have higher social skills and they can have a boyfriend but this not entirely true as there are still a lot of shojo otakus who were mainly focused on their career struggling with their social and love life.
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