14 Things You Should Know Before You Lose Your V*****ity

eing intimate with another person is a great way to take a deeper “peek” into their emotions and thoughts. Most people can’t hide their true intentions and feelings while they are making love, which is why you can learn a lot about a person during sex – if you know what to look for. This story is going to list 15 different “tells” that people do only if they truly love you. Some of these signs are going to range from maintaining eye contact to not being afraid of cuddling.

Maintaining Eye Contact

A partner that loves and cares about you is not going to be afraid of holding eye contact during the most intimate parts of your making love. If on the other hand, your partner rarely looks you in the eyes, that could be a bad sign about your relationship.

Kissing You a Lot

One little thing that a partner in love does is engage in a lot of kissing and cuddling, even before and after sex. Before comfortable with touching and being next to your partner’s body is a crucial part of the whole bonding process.

They Want to

A partner that cares about you, won’t be just interested in their own sexual satisfaction and fetishes. A partner that loves you is going to try their best to get you off – no matter what or how long it takes. This means engaging in a lot of foreplay as well

They Ask What You Like To Do

Similarly to the previous paragraph, a partner that loves you is going to ask you what you like to do. This is not just about decisions on where to go out – a partner that cares about you is going to ask exactly that turns you on, so he knows what to do.

They Freely Express Their Emotions

Part of being comfortable with another person is not just being physically comfortable (although that’s an important part as well) – it also about being mentally and emotionally free to express your deepest desires and thoughts. Having a cold or distant partner is not a good sign.

They Hold Your Hand

This is not just about holding your hand during a walk in the park – a partner that loves you is sometimes going to hold your hand (or both of your hands) even during intercourse. If your partner has tried to hold your hand during sex, that’s a very positive sign.

They Are Vocal When Things Aren’t Working Out

Being with another person is not just about the good the times. Sometimes when things aren’t working out, the proper and mature thing to do is to speak this out with your partner. Don’t get angry if your partner gives you some criticism from time to time – being open about stuff that doesn’t work is much better than being passive-aggressive.

They Maintain a Lot of Body-To-Body Contact

Similarly to how kissing, hugging, and handholding is a crucial part of being in a relationship, so is having a lot of body-to-body contact. Whether it is keeping your legs close to each other, or other types of bodily contact, that’s a very important element to every relationship.

They Don’t Leave After Making Love

Just because you have finished with the intercourse, that does not mean that you don’t have to spend some more time with each other. A loving and caring partner will not be afraid of spending some time with you in the bed, without having to make love.

They Return To Give You a Kiss or a Hug

Sometimes, life gets in the way of lying in bed and kissing each other. That is totally understandable, but you will know that your partner cares about you, is if they take mini-pauses from their work to come and just give you a quick kiss or a hug.

They Want To Create an Atmosphere

Having a fun time with another person is not just talking, walking or having sex. To have a properly good time, you and your partner need to create a great atmosphere. You will know that your partner loves you if they take the time to build up such an exciting atmosphere.

They Always Have Time to Be Intimate

While most adults can’t have sex 24/7 (due to how busy their lives can get, plus your libido decreases with age), a partner that loves is always going to be emotionally and physically available to you when you need it. Even if it’s just for a “quickie.”


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