13 Umaru Cosplays that you will LOVE!!

Umaru Doma is a 16 years old girl and a clever high school student, she often gets attention because of her looks and also her good behaviour outdoors, but when she is indoors, she gets so lazy and annoying to her older brother T-Taihei, they are both living at the same house, umaru always gets home before her brother so she can play games and also eats her favourite snacks with soda, she is loved by cosplayers because of her cute appearance when she transforms to her lazy character, so today we will be checking 13 umaru cosplays grab a soda and enjoy it.

1- Umaru Cosplay By Neneko

2- Umaru Cosplay By Shiraga Yanko.

Umaru Doma (土間 埋, Doma Umaru; her first name is actually written in 2 styles: Kanji, for her perfect side; and Hiragana, for her childish side) is the main protagonist  of the Himouto! Umaru-chan series.

3- Umaru Cosplay By Source

4- Umaru Cosplay

5- Umaru Cosplay By Unknown(let us know if you got the source).

The word “himouto” means “dried-fish little sister”. It is a combination of “himono-onna”, meaning “dried-fish woman” who’s proper in public but lazy at home; and imouto, “little sister”, but “himouto” can also mean “worthless lazy-bum sister”. She has an unknown ability to switch between 2 modes: “Indoor” and “Outdoor”. She is commonly called a brat by her brother Taihei.

6- Umaru Cosplay

7- Umaru Cosplay By Unknown(let us know if you got the source).

In her ‘Outdoor’ mode, she often gets attention by all who pass her by due to her beautiful body and her small, cute face, She usually wears fashionable, frilly clothes that most girls her age can be seen wearing.

8- Umaru Cosplay


10- Umaru Cosplay By Ily zhang.

At school, she is pictured in her uniform which consists of a white button up shirt, a red pleated skirt, thigh highs, school shoes, and a red ribbon around her neck. In the colder months, Umaru can also been seen wearing a dark red blazer with this uniform.

11- Umaru Cosplay By Ily zhang.

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